It was always my intention to put together an album of my music once my competence as a
player became up to the task!! However, I don't have access to a professional
soundproofed studio. Therefore, I have had to record at home in our somewhat draughty
semi-detached house in suburban Otley. Worse still, our house lies under the flight-path to
the local airport. So recording acoustic guitar with microphones has proved challenging to
say the least!

I eventually came up with a setup that seems to exclude most of the unwanted noise. It
consists of a pair of Rode NT3 condenser microphones and a Zoom H4n pocket recorder.
With this setup, I have finally been able to put together some respectable recordings and
have just released my debut album "Warts 'n' All". The title is a recognition that there are
still some background noises if you listen very carefully, but they are quiet enough to avoid
them seriously detracting from the performances. I am at least confident that there are now
no aircraft sounds!

I have written all of the music myself over a period of around 5 years. I would describe the
style as semi-classical solo fingerstyle. The emphasis is very definitely on easy listening.
There are 15 tracks with a total running time of just over 50 minutes. My music does not
generally tell particular stories. Instead it captures different moods which remind me of
places and events.
The tracks are as follows:

1. Starting Over

2. One Over the Eight

3. Restful Thoughts

4. Warts ‘n’ All

5. Autumn Leaves

6. All Good Things

7. Peaceful Waters

8. Sombreros at Dawn

9. Signing Off

10. Safe and Sound

11. Dales Ditty

12. Year of the Rat

13. El Torcal

14. A Higher Place

15. At the End of the Day

You can view or download the album cover for more details

Unfortunately, I am not set up for click-and-buy, but if you have a Paypal account, you can
purchase the album in CD format by contacting me via email at: .
The CD costs £10.50 including postage within the UK and £12.00 including postage to the
rest of the World.

You can now purchase either individual tracks or the entire album via download from
BANDCAMP. The site offers downloads in a variety of formats. Please note that the
streaming audio to audition tracks is fairly heavily compressed, but the files
available to purchase are of a very high quality.