Aria Pro II Electric Guitar

Aria are best known for their budget guitars, but the Aria
Pro II Series, made in the mid-1980's at the famous
Matsumoka factory in Japan, are superb, professional
quality electric guitars - this model was a favourite of
Andy Summers (ex. The Police). Made from all-solid
timbers, with a precision bolt-on neck and top-notch
DiMarzzio pickups, this guitar has great tone and sustain.
It is also very versatile as its pickups can be switched
between single coil and humbucker, meaning that it can
produce both clear, bright tones, reminiscent of a Fender
and the more "meaty" sound of a Gibson. The guitar was
recorded by DI to preserve the unprocessed sound. This
ensures that the soundfonts play correctly through
proprietary amp/speaker simulations.

There are 6 presets, making full use of the pickup

Aria Pro II A (96MB)  - single coil neck pickup.
Aria Pro II B (92MB) - single coil neck/bridge pickups.
Aria Pro II C (82MB) - single coil bridge pickup.
Aria Pro II D (97MB) - humbucker neck pickup.
Aria Pro II E (88MB) - humbucker neck/bridge pickups.
Aria Pro II F (87MB) - humbucker bridge pickup.

A decent amp/speaker simulation plugin is essential for
these electric guitar presets to work correctly. You will
find links to some excellent free plugins amongst the

DEMOS - all created using "Twiddly Bits" MIDI files (

Arpeggio Style - I have used the same MIDI file to demonstrate the different sound
produced by each pickup preset. As these presets require an amp simulation to play
correctly, I have added an AC30 Topboost simulation from Amplitube - this is not
necessarily appropriate for all presets but does allow direct comparison of the sounds.
Please note that in some ways preset E (humbucker neck & bridge pickups) actually
sounds brighter than preset F (bridge pickup alone).

Preset A (Single coil neck)        Preset B (Single coil neck/bridge)

Preset C (Single coil bridge)

Preset D (Humbucker neck)      Preset E (Humbucker neck/bridge)

Preset F (Humbucker bridge)

Other Demos:

Coolrock - Aria Pro II B (single coil) plus Amplitube, compressor and reverb.

Rockriffs1 - Aria Pro II B (single coil) plus Amplitube AC30 crunch.

Rockriffs2 - Aria Pro II F (humbucker) plus Amplitube AC30 crunch.

Rockriff3 - Aria Pro II F (humbucker) plus Amplitube twin AC30's with high gain.

Ariastrum - Aria Pro II A (single coil) plus free "Rednef Twin" plugin.

Band-in-a Box Demo Songs - these demonstrate some of the many uses for the
electric guitar presets:

Rokblus - Lead guitar is Aria Pro II F with compressor, Amplitube and effects.

Castaway - Aria Pro II A & B with clean Amplitube presets.