For evaluation purposes, I have created free "lite" demo versions of 5 of the presets using some of the samples from the full sampled instruments. They are available in Soundfont, Sampletank and Gigasampler format. These are only single velocity presets with just 3 samples per octave, but they do still sound pretty good and demonstrate the excellent quality of the samples used. Copy the Winrar self-extracting archives to the required folder on your computer's hard drive. Then double-click on the files and follow the on-screen instructions to extract them.

The demo presets are as follows:
Aria Pro II B - electric guitar single coil (13.9MB)
Aria Pro II F - electric guitar humbucker (13.0MB)
Dean Classical Nylon (14.2MB)
Tanglewood Acoustic - steel string acoustic (17MB)
Vintage 5 String Bass (18.3MB)

Downloads   Click on the link you require and select "Save"

Aria Pro II B:                  
Soundfont        Gigasampler        Sampletank

Aria Pro II F:                  
Soundfont        Gigasampler         Sampletank

Dean Classical Nylon:      
Soundfont        Gigasampler        Sampletank

Tanglewood Acoustic:     
Soundfont        Gigasampler         Sampletank

Vintage 5 String Bass:     
Soundfont        Gigasampler         Sampletank

Please note that the electric guitar demo presets, like the full versions, need an amp/speaker simulation plugin to work correctly. If you do not have one, you will find links to some excellent free plugins on the "free software" page of this website.

If you like the demos, I hope you will choose to purchase the guitar sounds. Please follow the link below to place your order.

I have a number of these, derived from earlier versions of my sampled guitars. However, they have all been produced using the same philosophy, with no added effects. All are mono and recorded at standard CD quality (44.1kHz 16bit).

As there are strict monthly download limits from my web server, I am not in a position to offer unlimited free dowloads from this site. It is therefore my intention to offer just one free sampled guitar for download at any one time. The different presets will be offered here on rotation. Please check back regularly if you want to download others. Please contact me at
paul.chevin@virgin.net for details of other presets and other download options.

This month's free sampled instrument is:

Yamaha Electroacoustic Guitar (44.8MB)
The pickups fitted to electroacoustic guitars generally do not faithfully reproduce the natural acoustic tone of the instrument and cannot replace a well miked sound. However, the convenience of simply plugging a guitar into a console means that the slightly percussive sound of electroacoustic guitars has become quite a feature of modern pop music. Consequently, there will always be a place for a preset made using this type of sound. This preset, with 2 velocity layers, was recorded using the piezo pickup on my Yamaha FGX-413SC dreadnought cutaway. The sound certainly has a hint of the characteristic midrange piezo "quack", but the bass and treble response are excellent with some high frequency harmonics, allowing the guitar to really cut through a mix. Another benefit of using the pickup is that the samples are completely dry.

It is possible to obtain excellent results with this sampled guitar. Just bear in mind that it will probably require more EQ adjustment than the miked acoustic presets - cutting the mid frequencies will generally yield a more natural acoustic sound.

Download (Winrar Self-Extracting Archive of 13.8MB):

Soundfont              Gigasampler               Sampletank