16 bit Guitars
The complete 16 bit collection comprises 12 guitar presets which can be purchased either individually at 1.99 each or as a complete collection for just 19.99. Please note that if you purchase the entire collection you will also receive 2 bonus acoustic presets (see the manual for details of these). My preferred delivery method is via download, as this avoids complications with international postage. However, if you purchase the entire collection, a hard copy of the samples can be sent via post (airmail outside the UK) on a single DVD - cost including P&P is 23.99 - please note that I cannot provide trackable insured delivery outside the UK.

Unfortunately, I can only accept payment by Paypal, which is both efficient and secure. If you don't already have a Paypal account, you can sign up at:

The presets which can be purchased individually are as follows:

Aria Pro II A - electric guitar single coil (96MB).
Aria Pro II B - electric guitar single coil (92MB).
Aria Pro II C - electric guitar single coil (82MB).
Aria Pro II D - electric guitar humbucker (97MB).
Aria Pro II E - electric guitar humbucker (88MB).
Aria Pro II F - electric guitar humbucker (87MB).
Johnson Dreadnought acoustic - (122MB).
Tanglewood Grand Auditorium acoustic - (112MB).
Yamaha 12 String acoustic - (124MB).
Dean Classical Nylon - (91.5MB).
Vintage 5 String Fingered Bass - (133MB).
Harley Benton Acoustic Bass - (121MB).

To purchase the sounds, please contact me via email at:
paul.chevin@virgin.net so that we can arrange a Paypal transfer. Please state which presets and file format you require (Soundfont, Sampletank or Gigasampler). You will then be sent a personal link to download the files at your leisure. If you require a DVD hard copy of the complete collection, I will also need your address details.

The complete collection, including the 2 bonus free acoustic guitars, totals 1.4GB, but for internet download the files have been compressed to self-extracting WINRAR archives. The total download is therefore only around 400MB. For the benefit of customers with slow internet connections, the 14 files can be downloaded separately. In their archived form, they range in size from around 20 to 43MB - within the size limit for most dial-up connections. If you are in any doubt about the ability of your connection to download files of this size, please let me know at the time of ordering.

32 bit Guitars

I can also supply the samples for the guitars as .wav files in their original 48kHz/32 bit form. Presets for Kontakt (1.5 and upwards) and Halion are available. The prices for these higher resolution samples are the same as for the 16 bit versions. However, the presets are just over twice the size quoted above and the downloads are consequently substantially larger.

People who purchase the Guitar Collection will also be given access to my resource of quality free sampled instruments, which I have compiled over many years. Most of these have come from the sites listed on the links page and are very good indeed. Please note that these are only currently available in Soundfont (SF2) format, although I may be able to convert individual files to other formats on request. Please contact me at paul.chevin@virgin.net for details.