This section of the site is intended to showcase my special
collection of professional quality multi-sampled guitars (although I
hope to sample other instruments over time). Most sampled
guitars use just a few looped samples to remain small enough to
use in Soundblaster. However, to create an authentic-sounding
sampled guitar, capturing the full harmonic content and natural
decay of the instrument, it is necessary to sample extensively
across the entire frequency range of the instrument, with the full
decay of each note being recorded. With multiple velocity layers,
this results in presets closer to 100MB in size (even in 44.1kHz/16
bit format). Fortunately, modern software samplers can
comfortably play presets of this size, so there is no longer any
reason to compromise your sound by using low quality, looped

My own sampled guitars rival the best ones created by
professional sound studios, many of which cost hundreds of
pounds. They are supplied at 44.1kHz/16 bit in Soundfont,
Sampletank and Gigasampler formats - between them, these
formats will import into the majority of modern software samplers.
The complete collection now totals just over 1.4GB.

You can find more details of the instruments and presets, demo
songs, free demo soundfonts and a copy of the manual by
following the links to the left. There is also a further selection of
demo songs at the bottom of this page. If you like what you hear
and have a Paypal account, I hope you will purchase the
instruments. Further details regarding prices and delivery can be
found via the "Purchase" link.

I also hope to provide some inspiration for aspiring
song-writers/musicians who want to create commercial quality
soundtracks at home without hiring a band and without investing
huge amounts of money in expensive software, sounds or
equipment. If you don't know where to start or need pointing to
resources on the internet, follow the "Virtual Band" link, which will
hopefully give you some ideas. Please also feel free to contact me
at the email address opposite.

The other pages provide links to high quality free and reasonably
priced software, plugins and soundfonts. I have spent many hours
scouring the internet for these and may be able to help you find
particular items which might help you with your music. I may also
be in a position to convert between certain different sampler
formats for you.
Multi-sampled guitars in multiple
formats and resources for aspiring
home musicians.
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I don't profess to be an expert in the "black art" of mixing, but the following tracks hopefully still demonstrate
the quality of the Chevin Sounds sampled guitars and basses as well as the power of MIDI composition
software. Most are style-demo songs from Band-in-a-Box, although I have added extra tracks in most cases.
"When You're Away" is one of my own pieces, originally composed on guitar - the chord progression was
imported into Jammer Pro and a variety of styles used to create the complete song. The MIDI songs were
imported into my sequencer and patched with guitars and basses from the Chevin Sounds collection plus
acoustic drums, percussion and keyboards from my sound banks. Effects were also added prior to
mix-down in most cases. Only a touch of compression has been used on "Favourable"!!  Please bear in
mind that all demo songs have been compressed to low resolution MP3 files for internet streaming - the
original "wav" files have much better definition.

Favourable - Chevin Sounds Dean Classical, 12 String Acoustic and Harley Benton Acoustic Bass.

Tender - Chevin Sounds Johnson/Tanglewood Acoustics, Dean Classical, Aria Pro II A electric and
             Harley Benton Bass.

CRBeth - Chevin Sounds Aria Pro II C electric and Vintage 5 String Bass (both with Amplitube plugin).

Gossamer - Chevin Sounds Dean Classical, Johnson Dreadnought and Harley Benton Acoustic Bass.

Folkrock - Chevin Sounds Tanglewood Acoustic, Dean Classical and Vintage 5 String Bass.

When You're Away - Chevin Sounds Aria Pro II B electric, Tanglewood Acoustic and Vintage 5 String Bass.