Vintage 5 String Fingered Bass (133MB)
The Wilkinson-equipped Vintage range of electric and
bass guitars are widely recognised as offering a quality
and specification generally only found in far more
expensive guitars. This is a solid-bodied (alder) bass
guitar with a single pickup, modelled on a Musicman
Stingray. The double coil pickup gives it a powerful
tone, well suited to rock and pop music. Tone control
takes the form of simple filters to remove the treble.
Consequently, the preset was recorded with full treble
response, as it is an easy matter to emulate other tone
settings by using a low pass filter. A fingered type
playing style was used - the most common method of
playing the bass in contemporary music.

As with the electric guitars presets, the samples were
recorded by DI (direct into the console), so it is
necessary to add either an amp simulation or some
type of tone shaping to achieve best results. There are
links to some excellent FREE amp simulations on the
software page of this site.
DEMOS - created using "Twiddly Bits" ( and Jammer
Pro MIDI files.

Bass Demo - Vintage Bass plus Amplitube, compressor and reverb.

Folkrock - Demo of Vintage Bass in normal use.

Jazz Swing Bass - Harley Benton with gentle compression but no EQ.

Jazz Ballad - Harley Benton in normal use.

The following demos also used my bass guitars:

Favourable, Tender - Harley Benton.

When You're Away - Vintage 5 String.
Harley Benton Acoustic Bass (121MB)
Most acoustic bass guitars are little larger than a
standard acoustic guitar and therefore sound a bit
thin...... but not so the Harley Benton. This
solid-topped acoustic bass, made in the same
factory as the highly regarded Washburn range,
is a monster with a tone to match! The sound is
close enough to an upright bass to be used in the
same situations, yet it has sufficient extra edge to
work in rock and pop as well.

The preset was recorded using a stereo pair of
large diaphragm Rode condenser microphones.
The result is a detailed, huge and expansive
sound. However, it is an easy matter to render to
audio in mono if this works better in the mix.