Johnson Carolina JD-26 Dreadnought (122MB)
Like Aria, Johnson are best known for their budget
instruments, but this is NOT one of them! Hand-made in
one of the top Chinese factories, the JD-26 is a
reproduction of a 1930's Martin D18 dreadnought. Made
from quality solid tonewoods and using the traditional
fully scalloped forward-X bracing system, this guitar really
does deliver the vintage Martin tone - rich and full in the
lower registers but with plenty of zing in the trebles -
simply a superb acoustic guitar at an amazing price!

I have sampled the guitar in stereo using quality Rode
condenser microphones in coincident XY configuration.
This captures the guitar's full warmth and detail but
remains mono compatible, which is an important
consideration when mixing.
DEMOS - All created using "Twiddly Bits" MIDI files from All
have added compression (TRacks) and reverb but no EQ added.

Johnson Strummed - Johnson Acoustic folk style strumming.

Johnson Arpeggio - Johnson Acoustic picked arpeggio style.

Tanglewood Strummed - Tanglewood Acoustic folk style strumming.

Tanglewood Arpeggio - Tanglewood Acoustic picked arpeggio style.

Fingerstyle - Tanglewood Acoustic fingerstyle.

Folkfinger - Tanglewood Acoustic folk style fingerpicking.

12 String Strummed - 12 String Acoustic folk style strumming.

12 String Arpeggio - 12 String Acoustic picked arpeggio style.
Yamaha 12 String Acoustic (124MB)
I cheated with this one - I don't even own a 12 string! This preset was
put together by first sampling my excellent Yamaha FGX-413SC
dreadnought acoustic using stereo XY microphones and then blending
the appropriate sampled notes together, using a little offset and pitch
shift. I hope you'll agree that it works remarkably well!!

In fact, Yamaha do make a FGX-412SC, which is the 12 string version
of my guitar, so this preset should hopefully sound pretty close to the
Tanglewood TW170-AS (112MB)
British company Tanglewood have gained an
enviable reputation for producing great value for
money acoustic guitars. This all solid wood Grand
Auditorium model from their Premier range costs
just £200, yet in terms of tone and playability it
outperforms guitars costing several times as much!
The body size is equivalent to a Martin 000,
delivering a superbly balanced tone - well defined
but controlled bass, warm mids and sparkling
trebles make this a perfect studio guitar which cuts
through the mix with ease. This is a very versatile
guitar, equally at home strumming or fingerpicking.
Once again, this preset was recorded using stereo
miking techniques. It is also mono compatible.